COURT THREAT: EU claims Doñana National Park is ‘not being protected‘ by Spain

The Donana national park. Image: Shutterstock

THE European Commission has announced it will take Spain to court over environmental concerns about the Doñana National Park in Andalucia.

The body claims Spain is not adequately protecting this wetland, named a World Heritage site.

In a letter, the European Commission said: “The diversion of large amounts of water both for agriculture and for the needs of local tourists is depleting the water table.” The organisation claims the water used from Doñana to grow strawberries and other fruits is causing an environmental problem.


Elsewhere in the letter, the commission said: “The abrupt decrease in the level of groundwater has exacerbated the vulnerability of the network of 200 spaces in the face of the area’s dry seasons and led to its further deterioration.”

The European Commission concluded its letter, saying Spain, “is not adopting the necessary measures to avoid the deterioration of the protected habitats in this wetland, which is a violation of the EU nature protection legislation.”


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