VIDEO: Unsealed well found by two children, of four and ten, is reported by father in Spain

WELL FOUND: They went back to the location and filmed a video of the hole. Photo: @mikiacula

ANOTHER illegal well has been reported by a man in Granada after two children made the discovery whilst playing in the countryside.

After the Totalan tragedy, numerous well incidents have been brought to light.

The father explained how his four-year-old son and nephew (10) were playing in the countryside in Acula, when they came across a well ‘like Julen’s’.


They went back to the location and filmed a video of the hole. ‘My nephew told me that my son stopped just before the well and was then taken aside and reminded of what happened to Julen’, he told Spanish press.

‘It may seem like a joke but my four-year-old son was running before halting right in front of the well and my ten-year-old nephew had to move him away’, the father, Miguel, explained over his Twitter feed.

‘My son is four. He fits perfectly into the hole. I lost my mind thinking about what may have happened.’

The man stated that they went back to town and reported the illegal well sighting to the town hall and the Guardia Civil.

He has since thanked the public for spreading his story and stated that just ‘one day after Julen, my son could have ended up down there. So surreal to think that the Asturian miners may have had turn back round from Madrid to go back to Andalucia’.

Since Julen’s case, illegal unsealed wells have been the centre of attention after another incident occurred on Monday when a man’s corpse was found in a well in Villanueva del Trabuco in Malaga.

BODY FOUND: Man’s corpse found in another well tragedy in Malaga


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