NEW PLOTS: Town hall is looking for plots of land to auction

NEW PLOTS: Costa land for sale Photo: Julie Day

THE town hall of Orihuela has announced that it is planning to auction a number of plots of land within the municipality in order to raise approximately €12 million, which is set to be spent on various projects.

In a recent press conference, Mayor Emilio Bascuñana said that around 40 new projects, at a cost of €5.5 million, are in the pipeline, and will be paid from the sale of municipal land assets – or in other words, from the sale of plots located on the Orihuela Costa.

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The task of finding suitable plots to sell has been given to the councillor for Heritage, Rafael Almagro, with the plots of land due to be auctioned in a matter of just a few weeks.

Last year, the town hall managed to raise a total of €14.3 million after selling five plots of municipal land through auction. Three of the plots are located in Los Almendricos (PAU-26), while the other two are in Sector E-2 El Barranco.


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