HEROIC: Baby’s life saved by two police officers in Spain

HEROIC: One of the officers whose actions saved the 14 month-old’s life. Photo: Policia Nacional Interior

TWO police officers are being hailed heroes after saving the life of a 14-month-old baby who was unconscious and had stopped breathing in Cordoba.

The Lucena-Cabra National Police officers carried out the Heimlich manoeuver, before she was transferred to a nearby hospital.

According to a police statement, they were patrolling Lucena when the occupants of a car asked for their help.


Several people got out of the vehicle carrying ‘an unconscious baby in their arms’ and officers confirmed the girl’s eyes were closed and she wasn’t reacting to stimuli.

After ‘verifying the absence of pulse and breathing’ they began the Heimlich manoeuver realising she had obstructed airways.

The officers managed to get the child breathing and kept her stable until emergency services arrived.

A National Police source praised the performance, pointing out it was ‘fast and effective, managing to save the baby’s life’, who after several hours in hospital was discharged in ‘perfect condition’.



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