JULEN PROGRESS: 2-year-old who fell in well could be rescued TODAY on 11th day of mission

EXPERTS working to reach missing Julen have now fitted all 60 metres of safety tubing needed to secure the hole drilled to find the boy.

After problems on Tuesday and Wednesday placing the pipework correctly, the Junta de Andalucia announced specialists can now move on to fitting a final 12 metres of extra tubing to the mouth of the tunnel to create an access platform.

Once this is complete, expert miners will descend the well in a specially-constructed lift before beginning work to a 4-metre connecting tunnel to reach the hole Julen is thought to have fallen down on Sunday January 13.

It will reportedly take specialists around 24 hours to complete this tunnel, digging by hand in one-hour shifts on their knees using only pickaxes and some pneumatic tools.

The 4-metre tunnel will be dug at a downward inclination, allowing rescuers to reach Julen at 72-metres deep where he is believed to be.

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