BREAKING: Cristiano Ronaldo accepts €18.8 million tax fraud fine but will not go to prison

TAX FRAUD: The Portuguese star arrived at the Madrid with his partner Georgina Rodriguez. Photo: @kobinaessel39

FOOTBALLER Cristiano Ronaldo has agreed to an €18.8 million fine for tax fraud today (Tuesday) but he will not serve his prison sentence.  

Ronaldo appeared in Madrid’s Provincial Court this morning alongside Xabi Alonso after being convicted of dodging some €5.7 million in taxes. Prosecutors originally said he had cheated the tax office out of €14.7 million but they later agreed to lower the figure.

The Madrid Court also sentenced Ronaldo to 23 months in jail but the court has ruled that he will not have to go to prison.


The Portuguese Junventus player arrived with his partner Georgina Rodriguez. They were met by crowds of journalists and onlookers waiting outside the courthouse.

He later said the hearing went “perfectly”.

Xabi Alonso, formerly of Real Madrid, arrived beforehand. He did not make any statements to the press. He has been fined €2 million after being found guilty of tax fraud.


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