OUTRAGE: British bar owner ordered to remove Union Jack flags or face heavy fine in Benidorm

BRIT OUTRAGE: Tracey has reportedly hired a solicitor to help her case. Photo: Tracey Walker via Facebook

A BRITISH expatriate in Benidorm has allegedly been ordered to take down Union Jack flag bunting at her bar and has been threatened with a fine if she fails to do so.

Tracey Walker, 54, originally from Bradford, claimed Spanish police threatened her with an €800 fine. The penalty was doubled to €1,600 when she refused to take them down, she also claimed. 

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She said the flag had been on display for almost two years and that she did not understand why she could not keep it up.

“My bar has had British flags outside for almost two years, and all of a sudden it’s not allowed.

“It is a British bar so what harm are some flags doing promoting my business?” Ms Walker said.

Ms Walker claimed she may have been asked to take the flag down due to anti-British sentiments she said had grown following Brexit, according to reports in British media.

“There is not a lot of love lost for British people at the moment,” one of Ms Walker’s customers said.

Ms Walker said she had hired lawyers to help fight the case, with police in Benidorm yet to comment. The case continues.


  1. I’m from that island. it’s a brit bar, you don’t need the daft flags all over the place. if you love the island that much, go back there. ever tried integrating?

  2. I think she will find it is absolutely nothing to do with Brexit, or being British, but that the flags are on string which could have stretched over time and are now hanging too low into the street, impeding traffic and street cleaners access? Just speak to the police and ask why, no need for all this storm in a teacup suggesting predjudice where non exists!

  3. Well why has she been told to take it down? I like your paper but you keep posting articles that are half a story. This doesnt really tell us anything


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