Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez announces €235 billion to tackle climate change over next 10 years

FUNDING BOOST: Sanchez said the funding would be “effective” at tackling climate change Photo: La Moncloa

SPAIN’S Prime Minister has said the country will spend €235 billion to tackle climate change over the next 10 years.

Pedro Sanchez said the funding would be invested in renewable energy, research and development and helping areas reliant on fossil fuels for jobs to transition to more sustainable industries. The funds come as part of Spain’s National Energy and Climate plan which runs from 2021 to 2030.

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“These are real, concrete, accountable and effective measures,” Sanchez said while announcing the funding.

“Spain is ready to contribute to creating a global, prosperous, fair and ecological economy,” the Prime Minister added.

Teresa Ribera, Spain’s Climate Change Minister, said it was “imperative” for governments across the world to address the issue.

“It will no longer be possible to ensure prosperous and stable progress without taking into account the impacts of climate change and the loss of biodiversity,” Ribera said.


  1. Make it easier and quicker for people to get a Permiso to put solar panels on their homes for hot water. Make it easier for us to get permission to change old single glazed doors and windows for new double or triple glazed ones. And stop charging so much for the licencias !

  2. Would be a good idea to stop all the “every day” burning on farmland, where smoke is contantly filling the air and our lungs, even on Sunday, and any other so called holiday. It is disgusting, and the whole of Orba Valley should be called Smokie Valley, as this name would suit it down to the ground. Maybe one day they will burn it all to the ground. The farmers don’t actually make fires, they make smokes, and who knows what is put on the fire (smoke) to be got rid of. But of course it is only the car drivers who are at fault, not wood fires that are not checked in the home (Filters), or planes or pleasure cruisers. No, it is only the car drivers, so keep them out of towns, and maybe we should all go cycling in groups of twenty and block all the roads. So before Mr Sanchez blames the car drivers, as he probably will, maybe he should forbid the burning out in the fields, especially in a hot country like Spain. What they do here in Spain, would never be allowed in other European countries.


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