Spanish Interior Minister says government is considering migrant child return deals

DEAL PLANS: Grande-Marlaska said Spain would be willing to strike deals with origin countries. Photo: Shutterstock and Wikimedia Commons

SPAIN’S government is willing to strike agreements with African countries that would see migrant children from those states returned provided their rights were protected, the Interior Minister said.

Fernando Grande-Marlaska said there may be times when a child who had come to Spain alone should be return to their home country. He was speaking during a visit to the Canary Islands.

Spain is considering striking deals with countries including Morocco that would allow for the transfer of children who arrive alone or irregularly, Grande-Marlaska said.

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  1. Everyday we seem to hear more and more inane comments from governers of Spain and other Mediterranean countries, concerning illegal invaders. Spain has a major problem with unemployment and low wages yet they keep giving lame reasons of needing more workers! Most of us are aware of EU plans to weaken the will of people hence having more simplified control! Secure the borders and help guarantee a good future for native European peoples!


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