Where the true problems lie

LONDON: Many problems in the capital. Photo: Shutterstock

WHAT a jumped up little pipsqueak this present Mayor of London has turned out to be. This arrogant individual has not only managed to take a large chunk of light hearted pleasure from the lives of Londoners by banning bikini ads, (Ed: from TFL premises) which previously brightened many a misty morning as residents of both sexes went about their daily affairs, but he has consistently stuck his oar in to political matters by airing his views on Brexit at every opportunity.

This latest escapade surely took the whole tin. As a confirmed remainer (we won’t go into his motives for that!) on New Year’s Eve he had the audacity to misuse Lord knows how many thousands of taxpayers money, by turning the London eye into a gigantic EU flag!

This huge firework display, not only cost a fortune, but was blatantly contrived to send a message of support from ‘remainers’ to the members of the European Union. Just how much of an undemocratic, utterly arrogant and totally unacceptable action was that?


This man, who was undoubtedly elected by his peers, has also informed Londoners that they must be prepared to accept acts of crime and terror as part of the trials of living in a big city! Well I’ve got news for this distasteful little man. London didn’t used to be like that. Rather than poke his nose into the political arena, he would do better to begin delving into where the true problems lie. The ghettos that have been allowed to fester in rapidly expanding areas of the City.

The ‘no go’ areas, that are hives of religious and cultural unrest. He should publicly recognise the fact that many stabbings and muggings are carried out by young black members of these mainly deprived areas, and create elite police units that are free to take action without worrying they may be accused of racism or political incorrectness.

Put your own house in order Mr Khan, before you enter into areas best left to the unbiased politicians that, for better or worse, have been elected by the public to run the country.

If ever there was an example of Britain being considered a soft touch this latest spate of illegal immigrants is certainly it. One ‘young’ man was asked why he and his companions hadn’t asked for asylum in France, before crossing the channel in a blow up boat. Almost unbelievably he said it was because they didn’t like the French police, who he said were rough and squirted them with pepper spray! Another couple, who were asked the same question, said they came to Britain because their 9 year old daughter had insisted that she wanted to go to school here.

You really couldn’t make it up. There’s only one way to handle illegal immigration – zero tolerance. No one, without exception, who enters Britain illegally should ever be allowed British residency or citizenship. Immediate incarceration and deportation should follow, preferably on large boats. Too dangerous by air. Rules should be simple and straight forward, thereby giving no chance for opportunistic lawyers to tie up individuals in the courts for years and rake in vast sums of taxpayers money in the process.

Keep the faith

Love Leapy

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