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PLANE CHAOS: British family forced to sit on the floor of TUI flight from Spain

A British family were boarding their flight home to Birmingham from Menorca, Spain, when they were told by the TUI Airways staff that their seats ‘did not exist’.

The flyers were informed by the airline that their assigned seats were missing from the aircraft.

The family of three were offered the seats normally reserved for the cabin crew during take-off and lading but were forced to sit on the floor once the staff needed the space to provide the drink and food service during the flight.

To the family’s disappointment, there was nowhere for them to sit except the floor area where their seats should have been.

The German airline allegedly blamed the incident on an unscheduled plane change that happened at last-minute.

TUI Airways has allegedly refunded the three passengers the equivalent amount of their airfares and an additional £30, as a ‘gesture of goodwill’.

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  • I fly 6 times a year sins 6 years with TUI without any problems.Is TUI a German or a Belgium company?? t dont understand that the pilot accepted passengers siting on the floor

  • Surely the airline was breaking safety rules allowing passengers on board without any seating. If there had been any turbulence or the plane hit an air pocket they could have been seriously injured or killed. I hope the airline is heavily fined for endangering passengers lives.