Spanish socialist government maintains bullfighting funding budget for 2019

BUDGET 2019: PSOE has given approximately €35.000 to the Toro de Lidia Foundation. Photo: Shutterstock

PSOE, the Spanish Socialist Workers Party, will continue the bullfighting subsidy after the Budgets for 2019 are released.

The General Budgets of 2019 has also included, under the Ministry of Culture section, Pedro Sanchez’s government’s support to the Toro de Lidia Foundation.

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The Toro de Lidia Foundation believes that ‘bullfighting has an immense cultural, ecological and economic heritage that must be preserved for future generations’.

The foundation encourages people to collaborate financially to help them carry out their actions of legal defence of bullfighting, and to preserve the Spanish ‘tradition’.

PSOE has given approximately €35.000 to the foundation, the same amount the PP contributed to the cause in 2017 when the party governed.

According to the government, the public money is invested to support the ‘combination of knowledge, artistic, creative and productive activities that bullfighting entails and its distribution in the digital environment.’

As reflected in the accounts, the government upholds the National Bullfighting Award, with an endowment of €30,000.

The same amount was granted last year when Juan Jose Padilla was presented with the award.


  1. I dont expect that the bulls find it either creative or artistic, as mist sane humans won´t. OK it´s a piddling amount of cash but really, in this day and age?

  2. It breaks my heart that such a wonderful country still views torturing and killing these magnificent animals as both admirable and worthwhile. Perhaps someone can explain to me exactly which “knowledge, artistic, creative and productive” components they’re thinking of.


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