POST-BREXIT: Spain reaches deal with Britain on expat voting rights

PACT STRUCK: Borrell said the deal would mean British and Spanish expatriates could vote in local elections Photo: Shutterstock and Wikimedia Commons

A DEAL has been struck which will allow British citizens in Spain and Spanish citizens in Britain to vote and stand in local elections after Brexit, Spain’s Foreign Minister said.

Josep Borrell said the pact covers the 240,000 British citizens registered as residents in Spain and the roughly 150,000 Spanish people in Britain.

Spanish government sources have also confirmed diplomats from Madrid and London are in the process of closing off the deal. 


Borrell said: “Bilateral agreements between Spain and Britain will guarantee that Spaniards who are living there and Britons here will maintain will their rights, even the right to vote in municipal elections.”

The deal aims to maintain current EU arrangements covering voting. It is similar to agreements Spain has with Norway, New Zealand and some Latin American countries.

British ambassador Simon Manley was set to formally announce the deal this week. It comes as Borrell said Madrid was making plans for Brexit, including a no-deal scenario which the Foreign Minister said would be a “catastrophe”.


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