WISH GRANTED: Little boy’s pilot dream comes true after heart transplant in Spain

EXCITED: An officer prepares Javier for his dream trip. Photo: Guardia Civil

A BRAVE little boy who underwent a heart transplant has fulfilled his dream of being a pilot thanks to Guardia Civil officers who treated the four-year-old to a day at the force’s airfield in Madrid.

Young Javier’s mother wrote a letter to the police force, explaining that her son had spent months looking at the sky in search of a helicopter ‘that would bring his new heart’.

Once the operation was completed, and after months of recovery, Javier was given the chance to realise the dream that had given him so much hope while battling with heart disease.


A spokesperson for the Guardia Civil said watching out for helicopters had kept the little boy ‘firm and animated’. They added: “His mother told us he wanted to be able to ride on one of them, to see from above what he observed so many afternoons from below.”

The youngster was accompanied by his parents, three brothers and his grandfather.


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