Costa Blanca South 10 – 16 January 2019 Issue 1749



  1. Response to ‘Ritzi’…EWN Costa Blanca south/Letters. Priors finally receive payout…
    Ritzi…I COULDN’T have said it better myself! This ‘rip-off’, has now continued for YEARS, and it’s about time some one aired this subject,
    I had friends who leased a bar in Roquestas de Mar, and lost MORE than £250.000, TOTALLY, and there was NOTHING they could do about it, and they were such nice people, they returned to the UK with NOTHING! We had a ‘whip round’, to buy two airfares back to Gatwick!
    MANY times, we hear and read of these situations, even renting apartments etc, is a TOTAL rip-off!
    We would REALLY appreciate further comments on thius subject…Please support us…Thank you.


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