BRUTAL BEATING: Female carer arrested in Spain for beating a 97-year-old in her home

Around 4,260 deaths across 710 care homes in Madrid are now attributed to Covid-19. Photo: Shutterstock

A 41-year-old woman has been arrested by the National Police for beating and injuring a 97-year-old woman she was taking care of.

The incident occurred on Sunday 6, at the victim’s home in Murcia at approximately 5pm.

The police were alerted by residents of Calle Poeta Sanchez Madrigal in the capital of Murcia after hearing the elderly woman’s cries for help.


Police officers reached the location of the incident and were forced to break down the door when nobody answered.

The elderly woman was found badly injured, with signs of having being beaten, presumably, by her carer.

The CNP’s Scientific Police were due to perform a thorough investigation of the elderly woman’s home since drugs had been found that allegedly belonged to the aggressor.

The police believe that a narcotic consumption could have triggered the assault.

Further information is waiting to be received as the aggressor was due to be put in front of a judge this week after multiple statements were made by witnesses and her partner.



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