TREMBLING: Earthquake hits South of Spain

EARTHQUAKE: The recorded earthquake occurred at 4:15pm yesterday (Monday) at a depth of two kilometers. Photo: Shutterstock and Emergencias 112 Andalucia

THE National Geographic Institute (IGN) detected an earthquake measuring 3.5 on Reichter scale yesterday (Monday) hitting Puerto Serrano in Cadiz, Spain.

The 112 Andalucia Emergency Services, reported that they had received several different warning calls from two of Andalucia’s provinces, Cadiz and Seville, yesterday afternoon.

Despite Coripe, Seville, being identified as the initial source of the tremors, the IGN was finally able to determine that the exact location of the quake was in Puerto Serrano, Cadiz.


According to The National Geographic Institute’s official report, the recorded earthquake occurred at 4:15pm at a depth of two kilometres.

Although numerous replicas of the first earthquake were detected in surrounding areas yesterday afternoon, no damage has been reported so far.


SEÍSMO CON EPICENTRO EN PUERTO SERRANO 🔴 Un terremoto de magnitud 3.5 con epicentro al noreste del municipio gaditano de…

Geplaatst door Emergencias 112 Andalucía op Maandag 7 januari 2019


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