Leftist Podemos accuses conservative PP of sowing division with Granada Spanish flag handout

DIVISION CLAIMS: Podemos accused the PP of being confrontational with the handout CREDIT: PP Granada, via Twitter

A LEFTIST party has accused a local branch of the conservative Partido Popular (PP) of divisive behaviour after it handed out thousands of Spanish flags in Granada City.

Podemos’ Granada branch said the handout, organised for the anniversary of the conquest of the city from the Moors in 1492, was designed to sow hatred and xenophobia.

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The Granada PP said it was to commemorate an event of historical significance peacefully and out of respect for tradition. Around 4,000 flags were handed out on Tuesday January 2.

Podemos said on Twitter the move was a “textbook” example of ‘dog-whistling’. The term refers to the use of subtle language or gestures to appeal to nationalists, xenophobes and the far-right.

“In principle the idea sounds normal. But to certain ears it is equivalent to a message of rejection. The flag that would unite us is used to create division and confrontation,” the party said.

Sebastian Perez, a senior member of the Granada PP, said Podemos and other critics had “misinterpreted” the gesture and the day.

“The Day of the Taking of Granada is history and cannot be ignored. We simply ask that it be respected, maintained and celebrated in peace and freedom,” Perez said.

The Fall of Granada was one of the last battles fought in the Christian Reconquista of Spain from the Muslim Moors.

It led to the Alhambra Decree which saw Jews expelled from Spain. Persecution against Muslims also followed.


  1. OMG the looney left rears its ugly head in Spain. These people really dont have 2 brain cells to rub together. How the hell can a country´s national flag be racist or devisive, especially in a country like Spaon where people have national flags everywhere? Time the likes of podemos shut up and actually did something constructive rather than talking complete rubbish


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