Government says Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s jet flight to Benicassim festival cost less than €283

JETSETTER: Sanchez flew to Benicassim in July CREDIT: Shutterstock and Wikimedia Commons

SPAIN’S Prime Minister has caused controversy after the government claimed his use of a private ministerial jet to travel to Valencia’s Benicassim festival cost €282.92.

Government officials revealed the figure following a request made under government transparency rules from Luis Salom, a Valencia-based member of the conservative Partido Popular (PP).

Sanchez flew to and from the festival in Valencia’s Castellon Province aboard the Falcon armed forces private jet in July.


“The total expense calculated by the Protocol Department was €282.92,” the release, which was signed by Prime Minister’s Office official Maria Hilda Jimenez, said.

Salom said the response was “a joke”.

The government’s figure has spawned a series of memes on social networks:

Spain’s Transparency and Good Government Council (CTyBG) ruled the information could be released after details on the trip were previously declared an official secret.

The CTyBG has since called on the government to release details of the total cost of the trip, including of the opening of Castellon Airport so the plane could land.

The €282.92 figure is believed to refer to fuel costs.

Carmen Calvo, Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister, has also been summoned to appear before a parliamentary expenses committee to explain why the information was declared secret.

Security concerns have previously been cited by the government.

She is also expected to explain why Sanchez used the Falcon jet and other government aircraft for travel, including to his brother-in-law’s wedding.


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