Data shows that 34,000 robots work at full capacity in large Spanish companies

MACHINE USE: Factories close amid COVID19 crisis Photo: Shutterstock

SPAIN has come 11th in a ranking of countries which use robots the most in day-to-day economic activity.

The Spanish Association of Robotics and Automation’s data showed there are 34,000 robots working at full capacity in large companies. Around 90 per cent of multinational companies use robots in some form in their operations, according to the Association.

The Association found robots were being used in industries including car making, railways and vending. Robots are also used in microscopic ‘nano’ surgery and to diffuse suspected explosives.


The Vocational Training at a Distance group (CEAC) said robots provided a “golden opportunity” for workers across a variety of sectors.

Some economists and technology experts claim the increasing use of robots in the workplace, known as ‘automation’, is leading to job losses as machines replace staff.



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