Spain’s Maritime Rescue save 72 people in the Alboran Sea

SALVAMENTO MARITIMO: 72 immigrants were rescued this morning from a small boat located in the Alboran Sea. Photo: @jatirado

THE ‘Salvamento Maritimo’ rescued 72 immigrants this morning, at 9:25am, from a small boat located in the Alboran Sea.

The rescue operation was carried out by the ‘SAR Mastelero’ vessel.

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The salvage boat is still in the area with the ‘Sasemar 101’ aircraft due to warnings of possible departures of new boats from Africa.

The ‘Salvamento Maritimo’ also rescued 96 immigrants on Tuesday (yesterday) who travelled in two boats in the Alboran Sea and were moved to the port of Almeria.

Another boat was detected yesterday crossing the Strait of Gibraltar with 15 people.

A total of 769 immigrants died in 2018 trying to reach Spain.


  1. Please please please, send these people back where they came from. If they need asylum then they should ask for it in the first safe country theyt come to after leaving their own. Most of these people are financial migrants and are not in danger other than getting into small boats to make unnecessary journeys


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