FIGHTING FOR LIFE: British family launch appeal to fly seriously ill father home from Spain

APPEAL: Amy Johnson with Lorraine Young, son Reeve and Kenny Photo: gofundme

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A DESPERATE appeal has been launched by the family of a seriously ill father to help fly him back from Spain to the UK.

Kenny Young, 58, is ‘fighting for life’ on an Alicante care ward after suffering a debilitating stroke on Christmas Eve. His wife Lorraine, 60, found him on the bedroom floor at their home in Javea.

She told the Edinburgh Evening News, that it was ‘just so shocking’ as he is ‘normally so active and healthy and is big family man’.

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The couple, from Moredun in Edinburgh, moved to Spain two years ago after Kenny, a former police detective, retired from the force.

Retired Edinburgh Leisure director, Lorraine, said her husband had been complaining of chest and shoulder pain the evening before he fell ill.

She woke to find him ‘slumped on the floor’ and called out to daughter Sean, 28, who had flown over to spend the festive period with her parents.

Sean called an ambulance and later broke the news to her brother 34 year-old brother Reeve, and his partner Amy Johnson, 29, who both immediately flew to be at Kenny’s bedside.

They have now set up an online fundraising page after being told it will cost €26,000 to fly him home, with €23,474 already pledged.

Appealing for help, Reeve said: “Doing this kills my pride inside, however we have no other option than to ask for help. My dad is probably the strongest proudest man you’ll ever meet, one of a kind actually.

“He is normally the one helping others. Even if we don’t meet the target the amount that we raise would help towards rehab and care in Spain so he has the best chance of a full recovery.”

Reeve added: “Any amount will help towards our target and we appreciate every single donation, so thank you.”

To support Kenny’s family, visit his Go Fund Me page.

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  1. Why do the brits always have a fundraising when something happens to them, accident or illness etc.? Can they not go to their Embassy and ask for help? This is what we Swiss would have to do if we were to be in that position, and you would have to pay them back later. Surely if you live in Spain you must have some kind of insurance for such emergencies, or if you are on holiday, a holiday insurance. Or is it because the money would have to be repaid to the embassy, and if people give out money (as in a charity) it would not have to be paid back. There seems to be an awful lot of these stories in the newspapers lately, and it’s terrible to be experiencing illness or accidents, but surely you don’t have to have a “whip round” for this. Also the treatment here is far better that in England.


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