IMPOSTER CAUGHT: Fake priest kicked out of the Catholic Church in Spain after 18 years


A FAKE priest who was never ordained has been dismissed from the Catholic Church in Spain after 18 years carrying out weddings and taking confessions.

Miguel Angel Ibarra was reportedly found to be an imposter after a complaint was filed in his native country of Colombia, alleging that he had forged his documents.

A ‘thorough investigation’ was carried out and it was found he had never been ordained. Ibarra, who moved to the town Medina-Sidonia last October, has since been ordered to return to Colombia.


A spokesperson for the local diocese told British press that events such as this could ‘overshadow the work of parishioners and ordained priests, who serve the church every day in an exemplary way’.

The Church confirmed weddings and baptisms will still be recognised, but not the communions or confessions that Ibarra heard.


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