May deserves all she gets

BREXIT GAMBLE: Should have started with a no deal. Photo: Shutterstock

AS far as I am concerned, whatever Mrs May gets she thoroughly deserves.

As a remainer at heart, she has tried to con the British public into believing that everything she has tried to negotiate has been ‘in their best interest’.

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In reality she has tried to hold on to as many of the EU membership advantages as she can, a devious red herring that has utterly wasted two years of everyone’s time.

Instead of going all out to open new trading avenues on the world markets and working to investigate, discuss and ultimately cover any shortfalls and disruption we may experience from disgruntled EU members, she has simpered and slunk around the EU leaders like a beggar pleading for handouts on the streets of their cities.

Quick to realise that the leader of the UK could quite possibly have ulterior motives and is basically one of them, the EU has gleefully taken on the role of superior benefactors, hell bent on making the whole exercise as difficult as possible; no doubt hoping deep down that they could do May a favour and possibly make the British government reverse the decision all together.

The British public voted out.

There was no mention of any deals and having their cake and eating it. If a true Brexiteer had been negotiating our exit the EU would by now be endeavouring to do the best deals with us, not the other way around.

It should have been an ‘out with a no deal’ policy from the start.

A clean slate, that should have led to the past two years negotiating our new trade deals and border problems from a position of power and confidence.

What has basically happened here is that the losing remainers have bickered and bleated on with their disgruntled attitude and fear factor threats.

With May turning a blind eye, they have managed to muddy the waters and befuddle the issues to a point that it has totally misfired and we are now looking at coming out in a few months, not only without a ‘deal’ but having completely thrown away two years of constructive future building and opportunity.

Leaving us looking at an utterly chaotic scenario that could have, and should have been completely avoided and should by now have been all but sorted.

Mrs May has done what many so-called leaders have done in the past. Totally underestimate the intelligence of the British public.

She and her arrogant pathetic flock could of course still win. If you call winning blackmailing the UK into a deal that, in exchange for a mere pittance, forces us to comply with a whole host of future EU decisions and leaves us without even a say in the matter.

Not only is the EU laughing at us, they are also rubbing their hands. Frankly I’m utterly fed up with the whole fiasco and, quite frankly don’t really give a damn what happens.

But then I am utterly convinced that’s what the conniving remainers, including May were aiming for in the first place!

Keep the faith

Love Leapy


  1. Can hardly say the British public voted out when Scotland and Northern Ireland voted remain. It was also totally un Democratic as thousands of University students and people living abroad had no vote.

    • You are absolutely correct Barbara. Leapy probably doesn’t care much that Scotland voted to Remain in Europe by a whopping 62% while the UK vote for Brexit was only 2% above 50/50. This is the heart of the problem. Hard Brexit supporters like to pretend the vote for Brexit was overwhelming, when it was arguably marginal. Additionally, so much has changed that we definitely need a new vote now to reflect the new reality. Theresa May’s assertion that a second Brexit referendum would be “undemocratic” is nonsense. Imagine if we had only ever got one General Election and never got any more because we had voted already!

      • Very true Brian no one knew the outcome of Brexit when we voted now we are faced with a no win situation we need another vote, now that we know how bad things will be if we leave, its strange how Leapy wants us to leave while he lives in Spain, while leaving will deny myself and many others from retiring there this year if we leave without a deal, even Leapy might find he will have to return to the UK if he’s not a Spanish citizen, can’t understand why ex pats want us to leave the EU when it might mean they might no longer be welcome in Europe after March 29th turkeys voting for Christmas come to mind.

    • Well said Barbara. I am Scottish by birth, one of the 62% of Scots who voted against Brexit and womndering why Theresa May is ignoring us. Why should we be dragged into a hard Brexit just because the English voted to leave Europe? Especially when they were deceived by lies like funding the NHS with money which will only be squandered on the likes of HS2 which is of no value to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Well if England can leave Europe, then Scotland can leave England and we can all descend into tribal chaos. Or we can think again and have a People’s vote for unity. We need a second referendum.

  2. Perhaps Leapy could enlighten us as to what we have to offer to the rest of the world? What do we actually produce to sell? Most things are made under a foreign name, and no doubt their profits return to their own country. Most things we buy are made in China or other eastern countries where the workforce are paid a pittance to keep prices low. We are no longer a major manufacturing force – indeed we are no longer a major force in anything.


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