Pedro Sanchez loses his shine with approval ratings dropping by 9% in just three months

PEDRO SANCHEZ: PSOE voters’ disillusion with Sanchez also spreads to his ministers. Photo: Shutterstock

AN unofficial poll by the El Confidencial online newspaper found that the “Pedro Sanchez effect” is waning.

Sanchez was initially buoyed up by last June’s successful Vote of No Confidence in the former president, Mariano Rajoy. Six months later, El Confidencial found that his government had the support of only one in three voters.

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Even within his own party, Sanchez’s popularity has slipped.  Three months ago he had the approval of 71.8 per cent of PSOE voters but this has dropped by nine percentage points to 62.7 per cent.

The president’s approval rating from voters of all national parties – PSOE, PP, Cs, UP and Vox – stands at 36.1 per cent.

Support for Sanchez comes from the PSOE, his own party, and Unidos Podemos (UP), the Podemos-Izquierda Unida coalition, where approval has fallen by only 1.4 percentage points according to El Confidencial.

PSOE voters’ disillusion with Sanchez also spreads to his ministers.  Sanchez announced a Cabinet where women outnumbered men and incorporated well-known ministers from previous socialist governments and independents respected in their fields.

Optimism has faded and 40.5 per cent of PSOE voters said they were disappointed as the performance of Sanchez’s ministers was worse than they had expected.


  1. I am still optimist that Mr. Sanchez is going to prevail all the obstacles in front of him and bring down the weight from his shoulder to a considerable level. Having said I would advise and hopeful that Mr. Sanchez has to work and put greater emphasize on :
    1. Youth Unemployment (the current generation of Spaniards are considered to be the most educated, yet 50 percent are unemployed).
    2. Attract foreign investment (Spain is a big country and there could be ample factories, industries and warehouses. This will create jobs, attract foreign investment and provide a long term economic boom for Spain).
    3. Be more multicultural (countries like UK, Australia and Netherlands, China, USA is an example where different people from different nationality work and immigrate which in return creates economic boom).
    4. Language is a primary issue in Spain but working on factories and warehouse requires basic English that a lot of countries regardless their first language being English have introduced. And as time passes I am sure they would be able to Speak Spanish.
    5. Introduce more courses and degrees that are conducted in English which would hugely benefit Spain in terms of gaining monetary. There are people from Asia and Middle East who loves Spain a lot but language and job issues are the two reasons that discourages them.
    6. Allocate sufficient budget for people with degrees and without experience so that they can get training and internship with different local and multinational companies (This sort of agreement has to be created in collaboration with the government, local and multinational companies. Salary is preferred but more importantly experience and gaining skills is very important. Thousands of Spanish students left Spain to find jobs in other countries and if they cannot find a solution or a better opportunity then they are not going to return to Spain which won’t be a nice thing.


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