A campaign launches in Spain to overturn the gender-stereotyping in children’s toys

Supply crisis for Christmas toys in Spain
Supply crisis for Christmas toys in Spain. Photo: Shutterstock

The Institute of Catalan Women (ICD) wants to overturn the gender-stereotyping that is present in children’s toys.

‘ICD’ has launched the Let’s Overturn Stereotypes campaign with four posters that combine images of toys traditionally identified as suitable for one gender or another, but not both.

One posters shows Superman’s characteristic S painted pink with a skirt below it and the message, “I have superpowers when I dance.”


Another has a rugby ball topped with a witch’s hat and declares, “I can cast spells with my rugby ball.”

Between now and January 7, posters, the written and social media and videos the initiative will put across the message that toys are more than a game and are instrumental in building imaginations and identities.

The ICD aims to promote education in the values and attitudes of equality and teach children not to discriminate on the grounds of gender.

Let’s Overturn Stereotypes is the association’s third annual campaign in its bid to eliminate the propagation of sexist concepts via toys.


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