EU to ban straws and plastic cutlery from supermarkets to fight marine pollution

EU VETO PLANS: Member states now have until two years to make changes to their national legislation (file image). Photo: Shutterstock

STRAWS and plastic cutlery are among a list of single-use products which the European Union has ordered must be taken off the market from 2021 as part of a fight against marine pollution.

These items are two of the 10 most frequently found discarded products found on European beaches, and institutions within the EU have closed ‘in record time’ an agreement to veto their ‘commercialisation’.

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Member states now have until two years to make changes to their national legislation.

The aim is to eliminate from supermarkets the plastic products for single use that ‘have easily available and affordable alternatives’.


  1. Another EU rule that takes precedence over more serious matters. Yes, ocean pollution is a big problem but it is far worse in Asian waters etc than Europe and your picture of an Asian beach and shipbreakers is not justifiable for this story.
    When are the EU going to tackle some overdue problems like the European Air Traffic control System? Not soon, because France will block it and continue to cause chaos every summer!
    Check how many restaurants have opened olive oil containers the next time you are in a restaurant or bar. Put one leaf of rosemary into it and it is no longer Olive Oil and you are no longer breaking the EU rule!


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