BUSTED: Spanish National Police arrest 48 suspects for international drug trafficking between Europe and South America

DRUG BUST: The joint operation involved more than 750 police officers (file image). Photo: Shutterstock

SPAIN’S National Police force together with the Italian Finance Corps and Europol have dismantled an international drug trafficking organisation.

Almost fifty alleged members of the organisation were detained. Police claim they are responsible for cocaine trafficking from between South America to Italy and Spain.

The joint operation involved more than 750 police officers.


The criminal group was investigated in connection with selling and distributing marijuana across the Costa del Sol and cocaine trafficking in shipping containers from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru to Europe.

Those detained were arrested on charges of money laundering coming from drug activities.

Investigators in Argentina have been focused on dismantling the international criminal group’s operations for the last ten years.

The group is suspected of trafficking over two tons of cocaine since 2017. Spain’s National Police seized approximately 1.200kg and the Argentine National Gendarmerie an additional 1.100kg whilst the load was being moved to Argentina to Bolivia, with Europe being the final destination.

After a joint effort, on December 12 this year, 51 suspects were arrested; 31 in Spain, 17 in Argentina and the remaining three are under investigation in Italy.

Europol provided forensic and analytical information for the investigation.

More than 60 homes were searched in Argentina, with €350.000 being seized.


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