Far-right and fascist graffiti appears on leftist party buildings in Costa Blanca and Andalucia

GRAFFITI: Slogans were found sprayed on Podemos’ Alicante City headquarters CREDIT: Pablo Iglesias, via Twitter

LEADING members of leftist parties in Spain have spoken out after local branch offices were found plastered with far-right and fascist graffiti.

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias shared pictures on Twitter of his party’s Alicante City headquarters sprayed with slogans including: ‘Reds, No’, ‘Spain is not touched’ and ‘The Falange’. The latter is the name for fascists who support former dictator Francisco Franco.

“Graffiti on party buildings doesn’t help. The ones who do it almost never come out in the media,” Iglesias said.


Antonio Maillo, of Izquierda Unida (IU) in Andalucia, replied to Iglesias with a picture of his party’s offices in the Malaga Province town of Antequera also covered in spray paint.

Slogans included: ‘Long life Franco’, ‘Long live Spain’ and ‘Sons of B******’.


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