DISTRESSING CONTENT: Police officer receives backlash for shooting dog in Spain

SHOT: The dog had reportedly started to bite the police officer on the arm and was demonstrating violent and aggressive behaviour. Photo: @PartidoPACMA

SENSITIVE footage goes viral after a police officer was seen shooting a local boy’s dog in the street in Barcelona, Spain on Tuesday (December 18).

The incident occurred at approximately 12pm on Tuesday at the “plaza d’Espanya y la Gran Via” in Barcelona.

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Footage of the events soon went viral and has since caused a social media storm.

According to Spanish media, the dog had allegedly attacked the police officer after he had asked for the owner’s identification for causing alarm amongst pedestrians.

The dog had reportedly started to bite the police officer on the arm and was demonstrating violent and aggressive behaviour.

According to the police officer, a shot was fired after the dog refused to cease the attack and the officer considered his personal safety to be at risk.

However, the “Partido Animalista Contra el Maltrato Animal (PACMA)” stated that they had received various testimonies that contrasted the original statement made by the police officer.

One version, that was repeated by several witnesses, stated that several police officers had tried to arrest the dog’s owner.

The dog allegedly became nervous and jumped on top of the police officer, resulting in the shot being fired.

PACMA has called for authorities to review the incident and formed a demonstration yesterday (Wednesday 19) in the “plaza Sant Jaume” to protest and demand that the officer in question is held accountable for the incident.


  1. The police use deadly force and kill a beautiful dog protecting her master. She showed she has more courage and love these police officers its so heart breaking..

  2. I am here because of Viktor Larkhill reporting this tragic incident. Watch his video here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tR0TcV0uj7o. According to Viktor a young, homeless man was complained by the hotel he used to sit outside to sell small items. When police arrived and interrogate or maybe make this man move off got his dog (Sota) to become aggressive. She was shot in the head but ‘She wagged her tail, till the end’ (title of the video).

    Yes, you can hustle a poorman, kill his (probably) the only friend and who cares. It’s just news, that’s all, or is it?

  3. Every time I come to this video, I’m in tears again!
    I want to know what was done to the cop
    Who shot Sota?
    Probably nothing. He needs fired! He does not have the tolerance to be a decent police Officer!
    I have seen his kind before. Shoot first, say sorry later!
    That was not s biting dog. This is clearly s case of police harassment!
    I hope you did something about this, it will just get worse!


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