RESCUED: Explorer lucky to be alive after attempting to trek across Siberia on his bicycle

FROSTBITE: Jose Andres Abian Pajares was in a bad way when rescued by locals in Russia. CREDIT:

A CYCLIST from Spain who undertook the arduous task of biking across Siberia in -50C temperatures had to be rescued by locals after he was found in a thin tent suffering from frostbite.

Jose Andres Abian Pajares, originally from Zaragoza, was discovered on a mountain pass in the Kolyma region of Russia during freezing conditions.

His rescuers took him to hospital in the town of Susuman, 400km north of Magadan from where he had set off weeks earlier, and reports claim ‘he could have died’.


The 47 year-olds journey began when he flew from Moscow to Magadan aiming to ride to Lake Baikal near Irkutsk, about 4,660 km away, sharing his travel experiences on his ‘around the world’ blog.

He has previously documented his cycling adventures from Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Romania, Iceland and Morocco, to name a few.

According to British press reports, recovering Pajares, who is recovering, will have to spend New Year in the remote area of Siberia as there are no flights out of the region until January.


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