BALCONY ‘SUICIDE’: Two men convicted of murder after student fell six-floors to her death in Spain

BALCONY MURDER: Two Italian males, Alessandro Albertoni (left) and Luca Vanneschi (right), who were also holidaying at the same hotel as Martina Rossi (middle) were found guilty of murder. Photo: Shutterstock and Facebook

TWO men have been given six years in prison for the murder of Martina Rossi in Mallorca, seven years after her death was officially recorded as suicide by a court in Palma.

The National Police did not find any evidence of criminality after the 20 year-old Italian tourist after the student fell from a sixth floor balcony in Cala Major at 7am on August 3, 2011, and magistrates reportedly ‘shelved the matter’.

But Martina’s family were not convinced, and with the help of an Italian lawyer, managed to convince the prosecution in their own country to open an investigation in 2012.


As a result, two Italian males, Alessandro Albertoni and Luca Vanneschi (both 27), who were also holidaying at the same hotel, were found guilty of trying to rape Martina, who in a ‘desperate attempt to escape’ unsuccessfully tried to jump onto the balcony of the next room and died.


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