WATCH: Three arrested on the Costa del Sol and Sweden after October’s explosive attacks and ‘settling of accounts’ murders

CHARGED: One of the suspects now in police custody. Photo: Guardia Civil

THREE suspects have been arrested, in Malaga city, Marbella and Malmö in Sweden (two suspects), the four detainees are allegedly responsible for attempting to blow up a Costa del Sol villa and industrial warehouse in a drug trafficking related ‘settling of accounts’.

The three men have been charged with illicit possession of explosives, homicide, belonging to a criminal organization, damages and forgery of a public document.

Operation Mudhika-Latvia, was a Guardia Civil and National Police, joint run project to capture those responsible for the gang related violence of October 10.


The Swedish Police were also instrumental in capturing two of the alleged assailants.

On October 10, two bombs were detonated in a house in a residential area in ​​Benahavís and in an industrial estate in San Pedro de Alcántara.

The explosions caused great alarm to members of the public and significant material damages, according to the Guardia Civil.

A torched vehicle was located shortly after the explosions in Nagüeles, Marbella, fitted with false licence pates, the vehicle was registered as stolen several years ago in Belgium.

Police in Spain allege the detainees are members of a top criminal organisation with an operation stretching over several European countries, including Spain.

Police in Sweden linked the explosions to similar occurrences in Scandinavia, incidents involving the aforementioned criminal organisation and similar explosive materials.

The international police investigation claims to have uncovered the identities of several members of the organisation.

Four home searches have taken place, three in Sweden and one in Spain, during which police forces seized, bulletproof vests and anti-explosive vests.

Sicarios detenidos

Detenidos tres sicarios responsables de dos atentados con artefactos explosivos ocurridos en el mes de octubre en #Málaga. Los detenidos colocaron los artefactos en un chalet y en una nave industrial, ambas propiedad de una persona vinculada al narcotráfico.Los hechos tuvieron lugar la madrugada del pasado día 10 de octubre, cuando dos bombas explosionaron en una vivienda ubicada en una urbanización de Benahavís y en una nave industrial en la localidad de San Pedro de Alcántara, produciendo una gran alarma social además de cuantiosos daños materiales.

Geplaatst door Policía Nacional op Vrijdag 14 december 2018

Two explosive attacks on Costa del Sol could be linked to settling of scores



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