Former judge who fled to Spain to avoid justice is being shipped back to Peru

CESAR HINOSTROZA: Allegedly took part in organised crime. Credit: Wikimedia/CC BY-SA 4.0

A FORMER judge accused of committing crimes in Peru has lost his extradition case in Spain.

Cesar Hinostroza, who is accused of participating in organised crime in Peru at the same time as serving as a judge, had fled to Spain before applying for asylum here.

Spain’s central Government has now denied his request for protection from an extradition request from Peru, taking Hinostroza a step further towards facing justice in Peru.


Nestor Popolizio, the Peruvian Foreign Minister, said: “I think (this decision) is extremely important because this day commemorates the international fight against corruption and means that we are all united as countries.”

Hinostroza is accused of belonging to a criminal organisation within the Peruvian judiciary known as ‘Los Collos Blancos,’ (the white collars).  The former judge arrived in Spain in mid-October having fled his own country.


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