FIGHTING BACK: Spanish poet battles misogyny with reggaeton compilation at poetry contest

THE POET: Has attracted praise for her performance. Credit: Facebook

A SPANISH poet, Alejandra Martinez, has fought back at misogyny in music by entering a compilation of reggae songs in a poetry contest.

The feminist poem uses a mixture of sexist extracts from songs to create a powerful piece which went viral online after she performed it the Madrid ‘Poetry Slam.’

Martinez said she wanted to address the question, “how can you be a feminist and listen to reggaeton?”  The two minute and forty second piece has now been viewed more than 79,000 online, attracting praise from viewers for her innovative take.



Una canción para la lucha feminista

El revolucionario poema feminista hecho a partir de canciones machistas.

Geplaatst door La Vanguardia op Zondag 14 oktober 2018


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