THE WHOLE HOG: Little boar leads locals on 2-hour wild goose chase through town in southern Spain

WILD BOAR: Are not normally found so high up the mountain. MAIN PHOTO Credit: Google Maps

LOCALS in Torrox, Axarquia, were left dumbfounded after a wild boar found its way into the quiet mountain town, roaming through the streets and even making its way up and down steps.

The boar, which experts believe was around three years old, evaded capture for two hours, before a group of hunters and volunteers from the local Protección Civil were able to capture the animal. The runaway was cornered in car park where experts tranquillised and lassoed it before returning it to the countryside.

Sources told one publication boars rarely travel so high up into the mountains, and usually remain near Torrox’s river.  A spokesperson said; “With the rain in the countryside in the last few weeks there is a lot of fresh grass and food, so I do not think it’s because it was hungry, it would have been confused and ended up wandering into the streets in broad daylight.”



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