TAKING THE URINE: Residents on the Costa del Sol forced to clean after dogs in new council policy

POLICABLE? Is this new policy realistic? Photo: Shutterstock

MAYOR of Benalmádena on the Costa del Sol, Víctor Navas, and the Councillor for Health, Alicia Laddaga, have announced a modification of regulations around the protection, welfare, and responsible possession of animals.

The aim is to address the problem of pets relieving themselves on public roads, and Navas said:

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“We are responding to a demand from many residents who had expressed their discomfort around this issue: no one wants a street lamp or a corner near their home perpetually full of urine.

Benalmadena residents will be forced to clean up dog urine on public roads with soapy water or vinegar.

Failure to do so could land dog owners with a hefty fine, set by the local government on a case by case basis.

“This change in the regulations seeks to make the public aware that having a pet involves a responsibility to keep the streets clean and avoid bad smelling and unhygienic areas.”


  1. Good job. Too many dog owners think that every piece of grass/sand/lampost is a toilet for their dogs.
    I, also a smoker, would also like there to be some control on the beaches to stop people putting their cigarette out in the sand. It is so easy to take an empty can or some receptacle to use. I must say that in my experience (15 years) at Carbajal beach, it is more likely the locals who seem to have no respect for their environment. I go to Portugal often, where there are signs asking people to keep the beaches clean, they provide paper (burn proof) cups to put out and keep their dog ends. The beaches are pristine !
    Leapy Lee should be our prime minister, or home secretary at least.
    Best Bill


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