Couple fined and banned for life from Jet2 after violent fight forced plane to Spain to divert

BANNED: The couple have been charged for “recklessly or negligently acting in a manner likely to endanger an aircraft”. Photo: Shutterstock

A couple whose violent argument caused a Jet2 flight to Spain to divert to Portugal has been fined and banned from the airline for life.

Flight LS1507 from London Stansted to Gran Canaria, Canary Islands on 6 July 2017 was forced to land in Faro, Portugal after a British couple had a violent fight on board.

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55-year-old Ronald St Ville and 65-year-old Pauline Gordon allegedly began arguing using foul language on the Spain-bound flight.

The couple then reportedly started hitting one another forcing the cabin crew to intervene.

Pilots made the decision to divert the plane to Faro, taking into consideration the rest of the journey was over water.

The crew were reportedly unable to perform their duties and keep the couple from fighting at the same time.

The couple have been charged for “recklessly or negligently acting in a manner likely to endanger an aircraft”.

Jet2 has issued a lifetime flying ban to the couple and have taken legal steps to fine the pair to recuperate the costs incurred after diverting the plane.

The total fine to be paid is estimated to be around €3318.

Phil Ward, the Managing Director of has gone on record to say: “This is the latest of many successful court rulings against disruptive passenger behaviour, showing once again that there are serious consequences if you act in a disruptive fashion onboard an aircraft.



  1. You do have to wonder whether it was really necessary to divert the flight, causing incredible inconvenience to every other passenger as well as the airline itself, because it was not possible to separate a 65 year old woman and a 55 year old man and they ‘could not risk flying over water’. Were this couple superhuman and likely to bring the plane down in the ocean? Just ask for some help from passengers to move one of them to the back of the plane or something, then deal with them on arrival. I’m sure it was not pleasant but surely there is a less extreme solution that does not punish every passenger for the actions of just one couple. Are the airline seeking compensation on behalf of all the passengers too? I doubt it.


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