FAMILY DRAMA: Teen arrested in Spain for turning knife on his brother and setting house on fire

ARGUMENT: The father of the teenager told the Guardia Civil there had been a family argument. Photo: Guardia Civil

GUARDIA Civil detained a 14-year old on suspicion of threatening his brother with a knife and then starting a fire in the family home.

Almeria Guardia reported officers were first called out to reports of a fire inside a house in the eastern area of the province.

When they arrived at the scene smoke was billowing out of the property and local police were already there, neighbours informing the offices there was a youngster still inside.


While they were waiting for fire fighters to arrive, they noticed the father of the teenager forcing his son to leave the house.

The father subsequently informed the officers he had gone out and left his two sons home alone, and an argument between the two had kicked off, one bringing out a knife.

The other son got out the house, and when the father returned he discovered the brother who had the knife starting the fire.

When he tried to get his son out he tried to injure himself, but eventually he managed to get him outside.


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