PARDONED: Sentence reduced for woman who murdered her ex-husband ‘under the influence of fear’ in Spain

PARDONED: Gloria is expected to be released shortly Photo: Shutterstock

A WOMAN who killed her abusive ex has received a Government pardon having been sentenced to six years in prison.

According to Spanish reports, Gloria CS, a Guinean woman, stabbed to death her former partner, Williams R in September 2015, after he went to her house to ‘intimidate her’.

The deceased is said to have mistreated her for ‘several years’.


Gloria was found guilty of murder by a jury, but given a jail term lower than that established by the Criminal Code after it was proven she had ‘acted under the influence of fear’.

The court also heard the woman was ‘forced to prostitute for three years’.

After sentencing, a request for partial pardon was submitted to the Government’s Ministry of Justice, which last week deemed it ‘convenient to reduce the penalty to four years’.

Gloria is expected to be released shortly.


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