New protection plan tells citizens in Spain what to do in the wake of a nuclear disaster

PLAN: A radioactive disaster prevention document has been devised in Madrid. Photo: Shutterstock

MADRID is the first region without a nuclear plant to draw up a contingency plan to deal with potential radioactive emergencies.

The plan will confront incidents such as a terrorist attack involving a dirty bomb, radioactive debris from a satellite or the theft of sensitive material.

Although the regional government has stressed that the ‘threat’ is nothing new and the plan is a preventative measure that is required by national legislation.


The document points out the importance of avoiding panic, isolating the source of the toxic material and acting to limit the radiation that specialists are exposed to.

It also ‘facilitates the organisation of a response in the event of an accident’, said Carmen Martín Curto, who leads the team responsible for the 200-page Civil Protection Plan.

She added that the risk now is the same as it has been in recent years, and that the authority ‘is working to meet state regulations’.


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