‘DESPICABLE’: Memorial plaque for murdered woman restored after being defaced with swastika

VANDALISED: The plaque was found defaced with a swastika CREDIT: Carlos Sanchez Mato, via Twitter

A PLAQUE put up in memory of a murdered young woman has been restored after being found discarded in a bin and defaced with a swastika.

The memorial for 19-year-old Yolanda Gonzalez, who was kidnapped and shot in 1980, was found by locals in the La Latina neighbourhood of Madrid earlier this month.

Gonzalez was a left wing activist and was murdered by far-right extremists.


It was later replaced with a temporary tribute which was also defaced before being fully restored last week.

Carlos Sanchez Mato, a member a Madrid City Council, said the local authority would replace the plaque “a thousand times” if it had to.

“The people who did this are cowards who are capable of little more than miserable acts such as tearing down a plaque in memory of a student murdered by fascists. It is despicable,” Sanchez Mato said.

Yolanda Gonzalez was a Socialist Workers Party member when members of the far-right New Force (FN) group abducted her from her Aluche home, shot her and dumped her body.

Her plaque stated that she fought for “democracy, justice and social and workers’ rights”.


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