TERRORIST CAUGHT: High-profile fugitive, responsible for the Atocha Massacre, captured after 24 years on the run

ATOCHA MASSACRE: Memorial in Madrid dedicated to the 1977 terrorist incident. Carlos Garcia Julia (inset) has finally been recaptured. Credit: Wikimedia/Acalla and Ministerio Interior

A HIGH-PROFILE Spanish terrorist has been arrested in Brazil after 24 years on the run.

Carlos Garcia Julia, one of the five men responsible for the 1977 Atocha massacre in Madrid, was arrested in São Paulo by the Brazilian Federal Police.

Garcia Julia, a former member of the far-right group Fuerza Nueva, was sentenced to 193 years in prison in 1980 for murdering three lawyers with links to the communist party at a labour office on January 24 1977 at 55 Calle Atocha.


The terrorists also left four others seriously injured.

The fugitive served 14 years in prison in Spain until 1994 when he was granted temporary parole to apply for a job in Paraguay.

Garcia Julia then used a legal loophole to avoid returning to Spain, instead going on the run in South America where he received further convictions for other crime, including drug trafficking.


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