School in Spain teaches children about the potential dangers of Social Media

WARNING: ‘The mobile, a weapon of war in the hands of minors’ Photo Credit: Shutterstock

PUPILS at the Mojacar Rey Alabez Institute in Almeria learnt about the potential dangers associated with social media at a talk given by Juvenile Court Judge Rafael Soriano Gruzman.

In the presentation entitled ‘The mobile, a weapon of war in the hands of minors’, the judge alerted the 14 to 15-year olds to the risks to their safety if they misuse social media.

He said banning youngsters from using social media is not the answer, but said they need to be educated on responsible internet use to protect themselves from cyber-attacks and to protect their privacy.


Also present at the talk were members of the Mojacar Local Police force, the Almeria provincial council’s Levante South Services Centre Director, and Mojacar’s Education and Youth councillors, Ana García and Raquel Belmonte.

The close to 70 pupils taking part had many questions for the judge, illustrating the doubts which remain in young minds about the internet and social media, which today are such a common way for young people to communicate with each other and to socialise.

One in four pupils attending the Mojacar institute and the primary school are originally from other countries, representing 22 different nationalities.



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