Chef denies killing ex-girlfriend whose dismembered body was found in suitcase in Spain

CESAR ROMAN: As he was arrested. Credit: Policia Nacional

A MAN accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend has denied the suitcase police found her torso in is his.

Cesar Roman, otherwise known as ‘the King of the Cachopo,’ has appeared in court to deny killing his partner, Heidi Paz, aged 25, in Usera, Madrid in August.

Police say the suitcase Heidi’s dismembered torso was found in is the same case Roman was seen to dump in a storage unit shortly after her disappearance.


The victim’s body was found with her head, breasts and limbs had been cut off.

A taxi driver testified he drove Roman to a warehouse on August 5, and helped him with his “heavy,” case, which he claimed weighed around 60 kilos.

A subsequent fire at the storage unit led to the discovery of Heidi’s body on August 13.

Police are yet to find Heidi’s limbs, but preliminary reports showed she died as a result of asphyxiation. Roman, a chef well-known for his chain of five restaurants serving the traditional Asturian dish ‘Cachopo,’ denies killing the victim.


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