EAGLES KILLED: Poisoner arrested in Spain for slaughtering majestic birds

A SUSPECT: Allegedly killed two eagles. Credit: Guardia Civil

POLICE have arrested a man for allegedly poisoning two eagles, one of which was endangered.

The 52-year-old suspect is said to have killed a mouse eagle and an Iberian imperial eagle, a species which is at danger of extinction in Manzanares, Ciudad Real.

Officers from the Guardia Civil arrested the man after agents from the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA) found a dead mouse eagle at a private game reserve in Manzanares.  Further tests confirmed that animal had died from poisoning.


Later, an Iberian imperial eagle was also found showing symptoms of poisoning.

The Guardia Civil stepped up their investigations further when a resident in Membrilla, Ciudad Real, reported two cats had died of poisoning on the same reserve.

Police later searched the home of the suspect, allegedly finding several containers of the same poison used to kill the eagles, as well as further chemicals on the roof of his house and the boot of his car.


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