Public announcement from the Sales Director of EWN Media Group

Steven Euesden: EWN will be stronger and better than ever.

As of Friday, November 30, 2018, the EWN Media Group will no longer be publishing the RTN and Sol Times newspapers.

The reason for this is that over the two years that the group has published these titles, the one thing that has been highlighted is the popularity of the Euro Weekly News.

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The more our team has been out into the local communities the more we have come to realise the strength of the Euro Weekly News and how it remains indisputably the number one English language newspaper in Spain.

We feel sorry for all of the other publications in the marketplace trying to make headway against us.

Time and time again our advertisers and readers have told us ‘we want the Euro Weekly News’.

And because of this we have decided to put all of EWN Media Group’s efforts and resources into the Euro Weekly News, to make it bigger, better and stronger than ever.

This is immediately apparent from this week’s editions, which are packed full of news and articles for our readers to enjoy with even more pages. And of course this makes us an even better deal for our advertising clients.

We would like to thank the readers and advertisers for their past support with both RTN and Sol Times, and as they have all said, Euro Weekly News remains number one.

We Get It, You Get It, Everyone Gets it – the Euro Weekly News.


  1. This is very exciting times for the Euro Weekly News as we get bigger and stronger. As Regional Manager for Almeria, I have had enormous support from all our clients and readers expressing their support on the decision to end Sol Times within Almeria and they look forward to continuing their journey with us. I would like to express my thanks to you all. All our valued columinist that previous had articles within Sol Times, will still write for the Euro Weekly News and we will continue to grow.

  2. Having proudly worked in the EWN for the last 10yrs, it has become more than clear that all our loyal clients just simply love the Euroweekly News and know its the only one to be seen in!
    So what do we do????
    We give them what they want!!! The BIGGEST and the BEST!
    Really looking forward to the exciting future plans! Watch this space!!!

  3. Euro Weekly News is the name you can trust, always… and sure we keep on bigger and stronger… giving the best of us to our current clients and readers and to the new ones…

    Thank you very much to all in the support in Soltimes and RTN and in this difficult desicion, Thx

  4. Absolutely the right decision. The Euro Weekly News has grown and developed into an outstanding publication, head and shoulders above the competition, and without doubt the most popular English-language publication in Spain. I am excited to be on board the Almeria edition team and look forward to a very bright future.

  5. As Media Buyer Manager and Sales Manager the support from advertisers has been very big. They are looking forward to the growth of the Euro Weekly News and we are passionate about it.

  6. I feel proud to be part of such a great team and see how it´s for ever growing in strength. Being at the other end of the phone I receive lovely comments from our readers on a regular basis. Looking forward to see how it keeps on growing.

  7. As a writer for the Euro Weekly News, I am excited to be moving forwards with the EWN as we become bigger and better. I constantly hear how much people love the paper and look forward to its release each week. Thank you very much to all our readers whose continued support helps make the Euro Weekly News Spain’s most popular free newspaper!!

  8. I have enjoyed working for the EWN now for nearly 4 years and I am proud to be part of the BEST newspaper group in Spain. Euro Weekly News is loved by our clients giving them the best results for their business. Looking forward to the future as we continue to be Simply the Best

  9. I am really excited to be a part of the continued growth and development of Euro Weekly News, which keeps going from strength to strength, with clients and readers at the heart of everything we do. Great times ahead!

  10. Simply the best…. better than all the rest. It’s great to be part of this fabulous team who strive to keep the Euro Weekly News ahead of everyone else. We are loud and proud and out there leading from the front.

  11. The team in Benijofar look forward to being a part of the continued success of the Euro Weekly News brand, contributing to the exciting future ahead and providing our clients and readers with an excellent service

  12. I am very proud to have been part of the EWN family for 11 years, and looking forward to exciting things happening in the future. Our clients are the best and I know they are going to love the way ahead.

  13. I believe we all agree Euro Weekly News is a well known newspaper but the best of it is just here round the corner.
    The Euro Weekly family is working very hard to achive the best result ever.
    Thank you very much to all our readers and clients for your support and understanding.

  14. I really hope I can continue to get the EWN after the changes. I live in UK & go to the Costa del Sol as often as I can, although it is getting increasingly difficult for me. As a pensioner & the crumbling UK financial situation since Brexit, I find I can only get down there for 1 week a year now. I would come to live there but just can’t afford the initial outlay as I don’t have property here. Very sad!!
    Anyway, I really enjoy reading EWN as I feel it brings me closer to the place I love & it’s good to keep up with whats going on there.

    Good luck in the new venture, I will stay a loyal reader & poster of certain articles on facebook. Linda

  15. The EWN continues to grow from strength to strength, power in presence and publication across Southern Spain with its tangible product as well as with the digital & social platforms opening the reading audience globally for all past residents, visitors and future visitors to the region to continue to keep up with the news.

    Being part of the EWN family previously I continue to enjoy reading weekly, so far this year I have read and introduced new readers to the euro weekly in The UK, Sydney Australia, Budapest and Transylvania, Romania, the heart of the South Pacific in New Caledonia as well as the USA, friends globally message me saying they still read despite only having spent the odd five minutes initially, why, because it’s more than a weekly, bi-weekly rag, it’s a people persons community publication and people read to keep up with both news and columnists, that pretty much speaks volumes!!!

    The public have spoken, and the general consensus is that the euro weekly is by far the best in the region then Yesterday’s announcement makes absolute perfectly good sense!

    Good luck (not that it is needed) in the future growing publications of the Euro Weekly News!


  16. I am proud to have been part of the EWN family for more than eight years now and always look forward to seeing the paper hitting the streets. Here’s to another few years to enjoy this publication.


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