REVEALED: The airline in Spain which received the most passenger complaints last year

CLAIMS: AESA received 15,604 passenger complaints in 2017 Photo Credit: Shutterstock

FIGURES have been released by Spain’s State Air Security Agency (AESA) reviewing 15,604 passengers claims and revealing the airline which received most complaints in 2017.

According to the Spanish media AESA received 15,604 passenger complaints in 2017.

There has been a 50% rise in the amount of complaints logged in Spain from the 2015 figures recorded by the State Air Security Agency.

The figures take into account the number of passenger complaints logged against each airline which carried more than one million passengers to and from Spain in 2017.

Airlines are then ranked by the number of complaints per million passengers.

Airlines that fared well, receiving the least amount of complaints last year in Spain include, Thomas Cook Airlines, which received only 9 formal complaints in 2017.

Jet2 also fared well, receiving just 42 complaints last year.

British Airways received 102 complaints in 2017 while easyJet totaled 348 passenger complaints.

Ryanair was on the receiving end of 1,789 passenger complaints although they recorded a total of 38,513,824 passengers in 2017, the largest number recorded by an airline operating in Spain.

Norwegian, Air Europa, Iberia and its associated airlines, the no longer existing Air Berlin, Wizz Air and Vueling were amongst the airlines that received most complaints per million passengers.

Iberia received 2,406 passenger complaints last year meaning 168.9 passengers per million filed a complaint with the airline, the airline flew 14,241,237 passengers in 2017.

The most complaints (Per million passengers) of 2017 were received by Norwegian Air, 1,522 in total.

This figure translates to 180.1 passengers complaining per million travelling with the airline to Spain after 8,450,788 passengers used the airline in 2017.

The 50% rise from the figures recorded by AESA in 2015 is due “in part to the increase in air traffic in Spain” according to AESA.

The new Transparency Law in Spain has allowed the media to gain access to AESA’s records on complaints against each airline for the first time.

More than half of all complaints reviewed by AESA in 2017 were about delays, 57 per cent.

One in three claimants, 33 per cent, demanded compensation for flight cancellations.

Six per cent of passengers were prevented from boarding their flights.

Complaints (2017)Passengers (2017)Complaints per million passengers
Air Norstrum7034,476,181157.1
Air Europa1,62510,609,842153.2
Air Berlin1201,012,066118.6
Wizz Air2031,904,578106.6
Iberia Express4935,181,21695.2
American Airlines901,164,31877.3
Swiss International1201,660,41472.3
Tap Portugal1211,718,61370.4
Thomas Cook AS541,324,88640.8
British Airways1022,553,83039.9
Aer Lingus511,512,57633.7
Brussels Airlines391,197,74332.6
Scandinavian AS411,593,38325.7
Tui Airlines Belgium331,852,08617.8
Monarch Airlines472,903,40716.2
Transavia Airlines423,739,83211.2
Tuifly Gmbh Langen202,874,7117.0
Thomas Cook92,863,5913.1
Germania Express31,054,0002.8
Canarias Airlines21,077,3611.9

Source: AESA


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