Spain’s Labour Ministry fines Ryanair for breaching employment law

FLIGHT FIGHT: Ryanair’s legal troubles continue. Credit: Shutterstock

RYANAIR has been found guilty in Spain of violating the right to strike of cabin crews, and of breaching work safety regulations.

Unions have revealed that the Labour Ministry has threatened to fine the budget airline on this basis, and for obstructing inspections.

The company has been found to have been emailing or calling employees to check whether they were planning to stop work before the planned strikes on July 25 and 26, and on September 28.


The Labour Ministry has confirmed that it has “given the company notice of infractions,” but refused to give further details.

Ryanair has been clashing with unions for a year over contracts, pay, and work conditions, with the company using Irish legislation for its employment agreements even for those employees based in other countries.

In July, strikes by cabin and cockpit crews disrupted 600 flights in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland and Italy, affecting 100,000 travellers.

On September 28, cabin crew walked out again in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.

For its part, Ryanair has said “We respect the labour rights of our employees in accordance with Irish, Spanish and EU legislation.”



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