PUT DOWN: Decision made to euthanise ALL the dogs involved in fatal attack last week in Spain

PUT TO SLEEP: The dogs that resided in the house have been euthanised Photo Credit: Shutterstock

THE Integral Centre for Animal Welfare of the Community of Madrid has elected to put down six the dogs, including the pair responsible for the death of two Spanish women last week.

The animals have been euthanised, including all six of the animals that resided in the home of the deceased women, according to the Ministry of Environment.

The report of the attack showed that only two of the six dogs were responsible for attacking the women in the residential area of Balcon del Tajo in Colmenar de Oreja, Madrid.


The responsible dogs were identified as a French Mastiff and an American Staffodshire Terrier.

In a veterinary report compiled in the days after the attack. veterinarians testify to the high aggressiveness of the dogs, the difficulty of handling them, the lack of documentation and the lack of vaccines against rabies.

It was therefore decided that the animals presented a danger to the safety of the workers and the rest of the animals housed in the shelter.

The damning report described the dogs as “powerful and aggressive, with the possibility of attacking people or animals.”

The regional government ruled that putting the dogs down was necessary: “for the serious and imminent risk to the safety of people and other animals that demonstrated its manifest aggressiveness, as well as for animal welfare reasons.”

The husband of one of the deceased women could be charged with serious negligence following a Guardia Civil investigation into the incident after he, the owner of the villa where the animals lived, failed to vaccinate or correctly licence the animals.

Dog attack leaves mother and daughter dead in Spain





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